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Prof. Mirjana Popović, PhD


Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade

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• Dipl. El. Eng. 1976, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade
• M.S. in Biomed Eng. 1985, Center for Multidisciplinary Studies, University of Belgrade
• PhD 1995, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade

Work experience


Professor of Biomed. Eng. 2009 -, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, link
Research Professor 2006 - 2012, Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, Belgrade
Research Associate Professor 2000 -, Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction, Department of Health Science and Technology, Aalborg University, Denmark, link
Leading the research and development of assistive technology in neurorehabilitation of humans with disabilities, link
Engaged in establishing biomedical engineering program for national high and middle education in early 80'.



• Annals of Biomedical Engineering, Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development, Medical Engineering and Physics, Movement Disorders, J Neuroscience Methods, Sensors




• "Effects of assistive systems in neurorehabilitation: recovery of sensory-motor functions", #175016, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia, Project Leader, 2011-2014
• "Functional Electrical Therapy (FET) for development of new motor schema after CVI", #145041, Ministry of Science, Serbia, PI, 2006-2010
• "Neurorehabilitation based on FET: treatment of upper extremities", #1747, Ministry of Science, Serbia, PI, 2002-2005


• "New technologies for rehabilitation of hemiplegics after stroke", Serbia-Slovenia collaboration, PI, 2005-2006
• "Methods for restoration of sensory-motor schemae after cerebrovascular accident", Serbia-France collaboration, PI, 2008-2009
• "Integrated robots and electrical stimulation for Neurorehabilitation", Serbia-Swiss collaboration, SCOPES Programme, 2009-2012


• "Curricula Reformation and Harmonisation in the field of Biomedical Engineering (CRH-BME)", 144537-TEMPUS-2008-GR-JPCR; EU project, 2009-2011
• "COWALK-Control of walking for individuals with disability", FSS#271-05-0733; Denmark, PI, 2006-2008
link, PI or member for several projects in Denmark, 2000-2010
• "An ambulatory BCI-driven tremor suppression system based on functional electrical stimulation - TREMOR" # 224051, EC FP7, 2008-2011, (scientific director for SME "UNA sistemi", Belgrade)

Involved in several projects funded by major agencies in North America 1987-1995: Medical Research Council of Canada; Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research; National Institute of Health and National Institute for Disability and Rehabilitation Research, US.



More than 150 papers, textbook for university, several book chapters, more than 30 peer reviewed journal papers; according to SCOPUS from 1996 total number of citations 385 (h=12), when excluded citations of all authors 276 (h=10). List of publications since 2000 link

Papers in SCI list

1. Lukić S, Ćojbašić Ž, Jović N, Popović MB, Bjelaković B, Dimitrijević L, Bjelaković Lj. Artificial neural networks based prediction of cerebral pulsy in infants with cerebral palsy coordination disturance, Early Human Development, avaliable online 25 January 2012

2. Popović DB, Popović MB. Advances in the use of electrical stimulation for the recovery of motor function, Progress in Brain Research, 2011, 194:215-225, ISSN:0079-6123 (Print), 1875-7855 (Electronic)

3. Plavšić A, Švirtlih L, Stefanović A, Jović S, Đurović A, Popović MB. Effects of functional electrical therapy on upper extremity functional recovery in patients after stroke - our experience and future directions, Medical Review, 2011; LXIV(5-6): 299-303, UDK 615.84:616.747

4. Popović MB, Đurić-Jovičić M, Radovanović S, Petrović I, Kostić V. A simple method to assess freezing of gait in Parkinson's disease patients, Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research, 2010, 43(9):883-889, ISSN 0100-879X

5. Lješević B, Martinović Ž, Popović MB, Jović S. Visual vs. quantitative electroencephalographic analysis in patients with and without posttraumatic epilepsy, Medicinski pregled (Medical Review), 2010, 63(1-2):40-46

6. Mitrašinović A, Radak S, Kolar J, Aleksić N, Otašević P, Popović MB, Radak Đ. Color Doppler sonographic evaluation of flow volume of the internal carotid and vertebral arteries after carotid endarterctomy, Journal of Clinical Ultrasound, 38 (5): 238-243, 2010

7. Popović DB, Popović MB. New trends in Neurorehabilitation in subjects with central nervous system lesions, Zdrav Vestn, 79:296-301, 2010

8. Iftime Nielsen SD, Došen S, Popović MB, and Popović DB. Learning arm/hand coordination with an altered visual input, Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience, Volume 2010, Article ID 520781, 12 pages, doi:10.1155/2010/520781, 2010

9. Popović DB, Sinkjaer T, Popović MB. Electrical stimulation as a means for achieving recovery of function in stroke patients, Neurorehabilitation, 25 (1):45-58, 2009

10. Kojović J, Djuric-Jovičić M, Došen S, Popović MB, Popović, DB. Sensor-driven four-channel stimulation of paretic leg: Functional electrical walking therapy, Journal Of Neuroscience Methods, 181 (1):100-105, 2009

11. Popović DB, Bijelić G, Miler V, Došen S, Popović MB, Schwirtlih L. Lumbar stimulation belt for therapy of low-back pain, Artificial Organs, 33(1):54-60, 2009

12. Popović DB, Popović MB, Automatic determination of the optimal shape of a surface electrode: Selective Stimulation, J Neurosci Meth, 178(1):174-181, 2009

13. Mijović B, Popović MB, Popović DB. Synergistic control of forearm based on accelerometer data and artificial neural networks. Braz J Med Biol Res, 41(5):389-97, 2008

14. Popović MB, Džoljić E, Kostić V. A Method to Assess Hand Motor Blocks in Parkinson's Disease with Digitizing Tablet. Tohoku J Exp Med, 216(4):317-324, 2008

15. Iftime SD, Egsgaard LL, Popović MB. Automatic Determination of Synergies by Radial Basis Function Artificial Neural Networks for Control of a Neural Prosthesis, IEEE T Neur Sys Reh, 13(4): 482-489, 2005

16. Eder C, Popović MB, Popović DB, Stefanović A, Schwirtlich L, Jović S. The drawing test: a tool for assessing motor coordination in post-stroke hemiplegic subjects. Arch Phys Med Rehab, 86(2):289-295, 2005

17. Micera S, Carpaneto J, Posteraro F, Cenciotti L, Popović MB, Dario P. Characterization of upper arm synergies during reaching tasks in subjects affected by neurological disorders, Clin Biomech, 20(9): 939-946, 2005

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19. Popović MB, Popović DB, Schwirtlich L, Sinkjær T. Clinical Evaluation of Functional Electrical Therapy (FET) in Chronic Hemiplegic Subjects. Neuromodulation, 7(2):133-140, 2004

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21. Popović MB, Popović DB, Sinkjær T, Stefanović A and Schwirtlich L. Clinical Evaluation of Functional Electrical Therapy in Acute Hemiplegic Subjects. J Rehabil Res Dev, 40(5):443-454, 2003

22. Popović MB. Control of Neural Prostheses for Grasping and Reaching. Med Eng Phys, 25(1): 41-50, 2003

23. Popović DB, Popović MB, Sinkjær T. Neurorehabilitation of upper extremities in humans with sensory-motor impairement, Neuromodulation, 5(1):54-67, 2002.

24. Popović MB, Popović DB, Sinkjær T, Stefanović A, Schwirtlich L. Restitution of reaching and grasping promoted by functional electrical therapy. Artif Organs, 26(3):271-275, 2002.

25. Potkonjak V, Kostić D, Tzafestas S, Popović MB, Lazarević M and Djordjević G. Human-like behaviour of robot arms: general considerations and the handwriting task-Part II: the robot arm in handwriting, Robot Com-Int Manuf, 17:317-327, 2001.

26. Popović MB, Popović DB. Cloning biological synergies improves control of elbow neuroprosthesis. IEEE Eng Med Biol, 20(1):74-81, 2001. (publication type: review, tutorial) rad po pozivu

27. Popović DB, Stojanović A., Vulović D, Pjanović A., Radosavljević S, Popović MB. Clinical evaluation of the Bionic glove. Arch Phys Med Rehab, 80:299-304, 1999.

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30. Popović DB, Popović MB. Tuning of a nonanalytical hierarchical control system for reaching with FES. IEEE T Bio-Med Eng, 45(2):203-212, 1998.

Papers in national journals

1. Iftime SD, Popović MB. Neural Prosthesis for Restoring Reaching: Synergistic Control. J Aut Control, 15 Suppl: 23-26, 2005

2. Đordjević O, Popović MB, Kostić V. Computerized method for analysis of arm movement in Parkinson's Disease and Cerebral syndrome patients. Srp Arh Celok Lek, 133(1-2):14-20, 2005

3. Popović MB, Popović DB, Sinkjær T, Stefanović A, Schwirtlich L, Jović S, Brøgger CP. Rehabilitation by means of Functional Electrical Therapy (FET) in acute hemiplegia. Iugoslavica Physiologica Et Pharmacologica Acta, 39(3): 99-114, 2004

4. Popović MB, Kostić V, Džoljić E, Ercegovac M. A rapid method to detect motor blocks in Parkinson's disease patients during volitional hand movements. Srp Arh Celok Lek, 130(11-12):376-381, 2002.

5. Popović MB, Popović DB, Tomović R. Control of arm movement: reaching synergies for neuroprosthesis with life-like control. J Aut Control, 12(1):9-15, 2002

6. Popović MB. Review on optimization principles in motor control. J Aut Control, 9:11-21, 1999.

7. Popović DB and Popović MB. Belgrade Grasping System, Electronics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of BanjaLuka, 2(1): 25-32, 1998


Popović DB, Popović MB & Janković M (2010) Biomedical measurements and instrumentation, Akademska misao, Beograd, Ed. 2, p. 254, textbook in Serbian.

Popović DB, Popović MB (1997) Biomedical measurements and instrumentation, Nauka, Beograd, Ed. 1, p. 252, textbook in Serbian.

Chapters in interantional books

1. Popović DB, Popović MB. External control of movements. In: Bronzino JD (ed.) Biomedical engineering handbook: Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals, Third edition, Boka Raton (FL), CRC Press LLC, 2006, Chapter 15:1 – 22. ISBN/ISSN: 0-8493-2121-2

2. Popović DB, Popović MB (2000) Nonanalitical control for assisting reaching in humans with disability. In: Winters J, Crago PE (eds.) Biomechanics and Neural Control of movement. Springer-Verlag, Chapter 39:535-548.

3. Ljubisavljević M, Popović MB (1999) Data acquisition, processing and storage. In: Windhorst U, Johansson H (eds.) Modern techniques in neuroscience. Springer-Verlag, Chapter 45:1277-1309.


Research interest

Motor control: organization of human complex movement, perceptuo-motor coordination and control, acquiring motor skills; Rehabilitation engineering: analyzing and comparing motor performance of able-bodied humans and people with sensory-motor deficits in order to design better controllers for neural prostheses; developing more adequate control of sensory-motor substrates, new control that applies synergies found in able-bodied subjects and hierarchical, hybrid methods, new techniques for processing of human nervous system electrical activity.



Programmable electrical stimulator for restoration of reaching and grasping in post-stroke, University of Aalborg and Co Neurodan A/S, Denmark, 2002; Belgrade grasping system (BGS), Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Company Medicina TS, Belgrade, 1997; The portable monitor for gait analysis, Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, 1995; Design of the blood pressure monitor for the Co Teleoptic, Belgrade, 1983.



University Rehabilitation Center "Dr. Miroslav Zotović" and Clinical Centre for Neurology, Belgrade; Academic and research institutions: Danmark, France, Italy, Slovenia, Canada and US





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